Through the Lens..

Curiosity led me into the captivating world of photography, starting with an aged STX 2 Fuji camera. This experience ignited my passion for observing and experimenting with films. It felt akin to capturing the essence of intimate memories, ones I longed to safeguard and immortalize.

Nowadays, I find myself behind lens, which enable me to connect more intimately with my subjects. Through my photography, I strive to convey the raw emotions of the moment, transcending geographical boundaries.

Francesco Berlingerio Photographer

Capturing Stories of Inequality Through Film

Driven by a passion for showcasing the unrelenting inequality of human conditions, Italian photographer Francesco Berlingerio, crafts captivating narratives through the art of film photography.

His visual interests lie in portraiture and social documentary work, often set against the backdrop of natural environments. He views photography as a means of preserving historical identity, capturing moments that speak to both individual experiences and broader social realities.

Berlingerio’s career has spanned collaborations with press photo agencies, Italian publications, and organisations such as the United Nations, USAID, and the Carabinieri. His commitment to long-term projects and assignments has led him to diverse corners of the world, where he continues to illuminate the stories that often go unseen.

Exhibitions & Honors:

  • Featured in August 2021: Boomer Gallery London , Florida Museum of Photography Art, Bath (UK) Photography Art Prize.
  • Recognised by grants and awards: Vienna International Photo Award (Black & White), Bath Photography Art Prize, EPEX 2023 .


  • F-Stop, Witness Journal, Private, Hamburger Eyes, Florida Museum of Photography Art.