Curiosity.. brought me closer to photography, it was an old STX 2 Fuji, which driven my desire to observe and use films.

It was like, taking possession of an intimate memory, which I wished to be intact and preserved over time,

today I photograph with lens, which bring me closer to the subjects, so I can bring their emotions through the image, beyond geographical and cultural boundaries, with the same respect offered.

Francesco Berlingerio Photographer


Francesco Berlingerio is a photojournalist, born in Brindisi, Italy, in 1980. Upon his graduation in Sociology, he progressed his professional development in the UK, in the field of child protection, also continued to work, as a freelance photographer, in the Middle East (Afghanistan) and South East Asia (Myanmar, Cambodia). His development as photographer, began with 1 year study of documentary and darkroom film development, subsequently, documentary. His projects, are mainly focused on the unrelenting inequality of human conditions.

Recognised for his visual interests in portraiture and social documentary work, he sees photography as historical identity, represented through the use of film in the natural environment. He worked as a freelancer with press photo agencies based in Italy and Italian newspapers and magazines, such as, il Manifesto, Diario, Messagero.

He also worked and cooperated with NGOs such as: United Nation (UNCHR), AIRFO, USAID, Fundapre (Fundacion para el desarrollo de la educacion), Gruppo Missioni Asmara; armed forces: KFOR, Carabinieri.

The personal project “displaced”, was born later, following collaboration with editors and newspapers in 2021, documenting the children’s malnutrition and the World Food Programme activities in Afghanistan. The project is ongoing and the initial portfolio has been curated by the well-known Italian photographer and teacher Massimo Siragusa.

At present, he is residing in London, and his work is committed to long-term projects and works on assignments.


Boomer Gallery London, August 2021 (Portrait of Myanmar);

Florida Museum of Photography Art, Museum of Photographic Art – September – October 2021;

Bath Photography Art Prize, October 2021.

Pubblications and Features

F-Stop, Witness Journal, Private, Hamburger Eyes, Florida Museum of Photography Art


Vienna International Photo Award, Category: Black and White, August 2021; ( Portrait of Myanmar)

Bath Photography Art prize 2021 (Portrait of Myanmar)