Childhood, Open editions

At present, Myanmar is subject to control of the military force; 10% of the profit, will be devolved to the ngo “Good Shepherd Myanmar” which support womens and children, victims of violence, in the state of Kayah and Shan.

I believe that, the delicacy of papers, make photography a natural document, that favours its conservation process.

The photographs of this collection, are available in centimetre: 30×2060×3460×40, with or without frame. Printed on Awagami Washi, 170gsm, 100% ecological from natural fibres and handmade, for beautiful print output and paper longevity.

Frames are made from sustainable sources and finished with a natural material, painted. Prints are protected with sealed brown taped backs and a crystal-clear acrylic glass.

Black Lacquer 14mm width, 8mm depth; White Laquer 20mm width, 22mm depth;

30×20 cm, on Awagami Washi Japanese Paper 170 gsm; border 2cm£34
30×20 cm, printed on Awagami Washi Japanese Paper 170 gsm, border 2 cm. £34
60X40 cm, on Washi Awagami Paper 170 gsm, border 2cm.£64
60X40 cm, on Awagami Washi Japanese Paper 170 gsm; border 2cm; Black Lacquer frame 14mm width; 13mm depth.£148